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Efficient Air Handlers Save Money

Air Handlers Augusta GaYour air conditioning system's air handler is one of its most crucial components. The air handler is what contains the blower mechanism, heating and cooling elements, dampers, filter racks and more, and if it's not functioning properly, you may find yourself facing expensive repairs and higher utility bills. Our Augusta GA air handler experts can inspect your air handler, perform routine maintenance, and if needed, repair any problems to keep your system running properly.

What Else Does an Air Handler Do?

  • Fan components move air
  • Sound attenuators quiet the system
  • Humidifier keeps air comfortable in cold climates
  • Mixing chamber increases air quality
  • Air ducts connect to an air handler to move air

Avoid Noisy Air Handlers

A lot of air passes through an air handler as it runs, causing a variety of noises and vibrations. Sometimes this is normal for your air conditioning system, but more often it's not. If you're experiencing loud noises, rattling, vibrating or shaking, it may be a sign that your air handler needs immediate attention. Ignoring these symptoms may lead to expensive repairs later, so don't wait until it's too late. Let one of our friendly professionals assist you in diagnosing the problem. We'll complete your repair promptly, so that you can rest comfortably.

Air Handler Installation Process

If you’re needing air handler service to install a new air handler in your home, we know that many of our customers like to be familiar with the process. The heart of the system is a single cabinet blower and coil air handler that is designed to fit in tight spaces while providing efficient cooling and heating from its refrigeration coil.
  1. Calculate the load
  2. Find a suitable location for the fan coil unit
  3. Cut the return air opening
  4. Construct a simple platform
  5. Attach supply plenum ring
  6. Connect the condensate ring
  7. Connect refrigerant lines
  8. Connect supply tubing and plenum duct
  9. Install termination outlets and sound attenuation tubing
  10. Install supply tubing
These steps will ensure your new air handler is installed properly and ready to service your home.

Signs You Need Air Handler Repair

An air handler is usually a large metal box containing a blower, heating or cooling elements, filter racks or chambers, sound attenuators, and dampers. Is your AC acting up again? The problem may lie in the air handler. Your air handler is designed to circulate the air inside your home through the vent system. Basic air handlers will only distribute air, while advanced air handlers clean and condition your indoor air for maximum home comfort. If your AC unit is having problems, contact us right away to inspect the issue. We may find a faulty air handler that needs to be repaired or even replaced. Is your electricity bill steadily rising? Do you notice declining air quality in your home? If you answered yes to either of these questions, there may be a problem with your air handler. Other signs it’s time to have your air handler checked by a professional:
  • Slow circulating air inside your home
  • Higher than normal energy consumption
  • Decreased air quality in your home
  • Excess strain on your cooling system
  • Sudden loss of temperature control

Air Handler Maintenance

In order to maintain the heating unit in central air conditioners you need to know a little bit about the structure and functioning of the air conditioner. The central air conditioners having a split-system have a cabinet inside known as the air handler which has elements of heating and cooling. If your heating element is not functioning and requires being replaced, hiring a professional to handle your air handler service can ensure that your air handler is properly services and prolong the lifespan of your unit. The most effective way to keep your air handler and your overall AC unit running efficiently is through regular maintenance services. Our comprehensive maintenance program will identify potential problems that we can repair on the spot. Annual inspections and tune-ups will help prevent costly repairs or replacements down the road, as well as help you avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Air Handler Repair Cost

Your air handler is an integral part of your overall air conditioning system – this part of your AC system contains essential heating and cooling elements, the blower mechanism, and more. So when your air handler needs repairs, it’s important to act fast! Typical repair issues involve the blower wheel, circuit board, and heating coil. Depending on the specific air handler part that needs attention, repairs costs can vary anywhere from $50 to $250. However, it’s always best to contact an HVAC professional to receive an accurate pricing estimate. Call Duggan’s One Hour Heating & AC today for more information – we can be reached at 706-733-8703.

Air Handler Insulation Repair

Your air handler likely has fiberglass insulation installed on its surfaces, to help both absorb sound and provide proper thermal insulation. This is an essential part of your whole air conditioning system! So when your air handler insulation needs repairing, you should act as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll be looking at some seriously costly repairs! You should repair your air handler’s insulation. Here are three signs that it’s time to repair your air handler’s insulation:
  • The fiberglass has begun degrading
  • There are raw fiberglass fibers in your air handler’s airstream
  • Your fiberglass insulation has been at all exposed to the airstream
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What is the process to replace an air handler?

It is important to note that your furnace and air conditioning system share the same air handler during operations and the system you choose should match for efficient operation. Here are the steps to remove the old heating element and installing a new one in your central:
  1. Firstly you should remove the air handler electrical disconnect by pulling out the electrical disconnect in the air handler.
  2. You should then remove the panel off the air handler.
  3. Then you have to locate where the electric heater is in the air handler cabinet. After that, you have to remove the ribbon cables on the electric heater.
  4. Now you have to place the new heater in the place of the old one. You can set the heater in place by driving in the new screws. Now you have to connect the electric heater with the ribbon cable in order to finish the wiring.
  5. Finally, you should replace the air handler cover and set it in its place by using the screwdriver. You should wait for at least 10 minutes after turning on the electric heater for it to start working.
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