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An Introductory Guide to Portable Air Conditioning

HVAC Service Augusta, GA The air conditioner was invented over 70 years ago, and since then we have seen numerous improvements to the technology that keeps our homes and businesses cool throughout the warmest portions of the year. Air conditioning is still a luxury for some people, however, and central air conditioning remains a pricey investment for most homes. With that in mind, many should consider portable air conditioning as their go-to option. It is a more affordable option for those working with a budget.

What Is Portable Air Conditioning?

A portable air conditioning unit is completely different from most cooling systems due to the fact that it is smaller and mobile. Most units are around 29-34 inches in height and don’t weigh very much overall. With one in your home, a costly permanent installation may not be required as soon for homeowners. These cooling systems are efficient enough to cool an entire room down, plus dehumidify in the process – a bonus for many.

Why Should I Get One?

There are numerous reasons why you should purchase a portable air conditioning system for your home or office, including…
  • Easy Installation – The entire unit can be moved into any room you desire with almost zero difficulty. The air conditioner does not have to be fastened to anything in particular.
  • Portable – The entire point of the unit is to remain portable. Most, if not every single unit, comes with rolling casters attached so you can may shift its location on a whim.
  • Affordable – Portable air conditioners are completely affordable – lower than a regular air conditioning unit. Maintenance is also easier and cheaper overall.
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