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How to Repair a Heat Pump

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Heat pumps are one of the common appliances used to heat homes, and are especially on our minds as we approach the cool seasons of autumn and winter. A tip that we always give to our clients is to make sure that everything is in working order beforehand, so you’re not left with disastrously cold temperatures at the worst possible moment! Heat pumps have a handful of problems that might occur, and expertly goes through the causes and ways to repair them so you can get your home toasty and comfortable again fast. Remember that if any of these methods do not work and you need professional aid, Duggan’s One-Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is always around.

What to Do If the Pump Does Not Run at All

If your heat pump is absolutely not running at all, the first place you should check is your machine’s thermostat. Thermostats can be installed improperly, and especially if you got a new one recently, it might not be the right fit for your machine. If it’s not the thermostat, your next move is ensuring that the circuit breakers have not tripped. If your pump is one of the few connected to a power switch, make sure it is turned on. Finally, if none of the above methods have solved the issue, check on the fuses or circuits that supply power to the other electrical elements of the machine, and see if they have tripped or simply blown altogether.

What to Do If It Is Not the Right Temperature

What if your heat pump is not performing its heating or cooling duties corresponding to your preferences? Here you have several steps to try and see if they have an impact on the machine. The first is to be sure the temperature is set properly, then turn it up 5 degrees and see if you feel a difference. Next, make sure the registers are open to permit cool or warm air flowing through – that could easily be the problem. You can certainly change the filter if it needs it, clean the coils of the outdoor part of the unit, and make sure that the auxiliary elements are working, if that applies to your brand & model. If none of these things work, it’s time to call in a pro.

What to Do If Your Machine Makes Noises

If your heat pump is making noises, that is incredibly abnormal – do not ignore this symptom. Squealing and grinding sounds automatically require a professional’s eye and experience – the bearings in the motor are likely overheating in this instance. Rattling noises could simply mean loose components of the machine, be it the panels, ductwork, or the air handler. Popping sounds are probably due to thermal expansion.

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These are certainly not all the possibilities of what might be going wrong with your heat pump. Fortunately, at Duggan’s One-Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, we have the best technicians available to install and repair whatever is going on with your heat pump in an affordable way. To schedule a service, call us today at 706-733-8703. We are based in Augusta and serve the surrounding cities and select parts of South Carolina.

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