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Which Type of Furnace Filter Is Right for You?

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So, which type of furnace filter is right for you? Here is a mini-guide to all you need to know about furnace filters!

Furnace Options

Disposable fiberglass. This is one of the most popular filter options for furnaces. It is very inexpensive and is great for those that do not experience any types of allergies.

Disposable pleated. This is also a very popular option and is made from cotton paper and polyester. Keep in mind that, while this type of filter is efficient, it can also be expensive.

Disposable electrostatic. This type of furnace filter is affordable and is great for homes with smokers, pets, and kiddos. Do remember that custom sizes can be quite expensive, and can incur high costs if replaced regularly over the years.

Furnace Maintenance

And, keep in mind that furnace filter maintenance is crucial! You’ve probably heard that you should change your home’s furnace filter on a regular basis. However, you might wonder just how often you should do this. A few different factors can affect the frequency of your furnace filter replacements. As a rule of thumb, you can always just diligently monitor your filter and change it when it looks dirty. The specifics of your furnace filter replacement schedule depend upon your type of furnace. Check your manual — most filters need to be changed on either a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

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