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What Products Help Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality can be affected by an ever-growing number of things, so it is important to have tools to counteract those pollutants on a daily basis. At Duggan’s One Hour, we know how vital clean air is to everyone’s well-being so we only offer top products to our clients. Air conditioning units generally require the use of an air filter. It keeps contaminants out of the unit and has the potential to help filter the air as it recirculates throughout your home. The Fantastic Filter from Nature’s Home and the Micro Power Guard are two of the best filters available today, and we offer both for our clients’ benefit. Separate air purification systems are also available at Duggan’s One Hour. The OxyQuantum® LED is an ultraviolet germicidal air purifier that reduces bacteria, germs and toxic gases in the air without using the air conditioner or heater.
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