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Generator Repair Services Augusta, GAMany homeowners know that their whole home generator provides key protection to their home. After all, any significant lightning storm could cut off the power to your home – even in the middle of the night. Without a standby, functioning generator, you could go without power for hours on end. Your refrigerator would begin to stink as food started rotting, and your heating or cooling system would stop working altogether. A whole home generator helps you avoid any of this – and our generator repair services near Augusta, GA, will ensure that your generator stays in good working condition.

Generator Repair

Just like any other moving part, a generator may, over the years, malfunction or fall into significant disrepair. Most households rely on a generator during an emergency; in these situations, you cannot afford to have malfunctions. Our generator repair services by Augusta, GA, make sure that your home will continue to receive reliable power in any emergency situation. Homeowners with a new generator need not worry about repairs as often, but an aging generator will need maintenance. Parts need to be replaced as they begin to wear out and break down; on occasion, the generator simply needs a thorough cleaning. Our technicians can diagnose and solve any issue!

Generator Repair Cost

A generator can be a real life saver – most generators can easily power your refrigerator, or even your entire home. This means that repairs essentially pay for themselves in the form of the benefits of a working generator. That being said, generator repair cost will vary depending on the size of the generator. Our technicians will examine your system and write up a complete quote for our services, to ensure you understand both the costs and the reasons for these. We pride ourselves on providing affordable services without any hidden fees; you can be sure you’re receiving the best deal possible.

Residential Generator Repair

Your residential generator may experience trouble for a few different reasons. The most common problem is a low coolant level. This can almost always be attributed to a leak of some kind. Another common issue has to do with your generator’s block heater. If your block heater malfunctions, your entire system could begin to fail. You can avoid most residential generator repairs by scheduling professional maintenance checkups. If your system does break down, however, don’t hesitate to call in the pros! Do you have further questions about our residential generator repair service? Contact Duggan’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning today! We’re here to offer our expertise.

Residential Electrical Repairs

It’s important to be familiar with the symptoms of common residential electrical problems. You should know what problems to look for, and how to diagnose them. This way, you’ll know when to call for help. You can also prevent potentially dangerous situations. Here are two common reasons that you may need residential electrical repairs:
  • Improper wiring. If your wiring has been incorrectly installed, you may experience an electrical shock when you touch an appliance.
  • Circuit breaker issues. If your breaker gets too old to function, or simply overloads, it could cause electrical problems.
Would you like to speak to an expert about your residential electrical repairs? Contact Duggan’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning today! We’re here to offer our assistance.

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