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Heat Pump Repair Augusta GAEven the best heat pumps need maintenance or repair over time, but by partnering with Duggan's One Hour Heating and Air, you won't be left out in the cold! Our experts can handle virtually any Augusta area heat pump repair, and often, we can complete these repairs on the spot! Our service trucks are stocked with 97% of all major parts, meaning you won't have to wait while a heating technician goes back to the warehouse. Your comfort is our concern, so we ensure fast, reliable service, every single visit. The Duggan's promise is "Always on Time, or You Don't Pay a Dime!™." This means that our customers don't pay if we don't show up when scheduled. We value our customer's time and money, so we don't keep them sitting around waiting. Our team of professionals is ready and waiting to serve you today! We also offer after-hours service and even service on weekends and holidays.

Skilled Heat Pump Technicians

Another one of the reasons Augusta, GA-area residents trust Duggan's One Hour Heating and Air is our top-notch technical training. We make sure that each one of our technicians undergoes continuous training in the heating industry so that they are equipped to handle virtually any heat pump repair situation. Our technicians also carry the proper tools with them, so you'll never need to worry about one of our experts being caught off guard.

Common Issues with Heat Pumps

Troubleshooting a heat pump can be tricky without the right experience or knowledge. If your home has a heat pump that is designed for both heating and cooling, you may feel as if there are twice as many problems when something goes wrong. In most cases, however, you can easily prevent and solve common challenges. During the winter, for example, one of the most common problems with a heat pump is icing. The outside unit of your heat pump will become engulfed in frost on the sides. This is perfectly reasonable; the unit should go into defrost mode on its own. However, if this does not happen, you need to remove the ice as soon as possible to prevent worse damage. During the summer, on the other hand, you should monitor your heat pump’s activity. A constantly running heat pump may lead to compressor problems or leaking refrigerant.

Heat Pump Repair Cost

Regardless of whether you happen to live in a warm climate or a cool one, a heat pump can make the interior temperature more pleasant through a thermostat and a simple heat extraction process. Unfortunately, heat pumps don't last forever, and there are several different kinds of problems that can crop up over time. If you’re looking to repair your heat pump in Augusta, we know that you want to get the best value for your money. It only makes sense to be curious how much the repair will be. Generally speaking, a heat pump repair can cost anywhere from around 100 to several hundred dollars. It all depends on the make and model of your heat pump and the kind of repair work that’s needed. If you need repair work done, give us a call to speak to one of our experienced technicians regarding an estimate for your heat pump repair work.


What kind of warranty can I expect with a heat pump repair?

A good contractor will correctly size your heat pump, help you calculate the payback period of high- and low-efficiency equipment, and ensure that the equipment is installed properly. Also, they will respond promptly when you have an HVAC crisis, provide ongoing maintenance, and act as a go-between with the manufacturer to replace failed parts under warranty. In fact, selecting an unqualified contractor could mean that you end up with a heat pump that is too large, and therefore cycles on and off too often, or one that is too small and so ineffective in heating or cooling your house—and that’s assuming the electrical and plumbing are run appropriately! Much like choosing a lawyer or an accountant, you should approach the choice of an HVAC contractor carefully.

How will I know when it's time to repair my heat pump?

Consider replacing it with a unit that has earned the ENERGY STAR label. Installed correctly, these high-efficiency units can save up to 20 percent on heating and cooling costs. Heat pumps have a reputation for lasting from 8 to 12 years -- in my experience -- on average. Some last longer -- some less. That's because they do double duty; both heating and cooling. The older a heat pump is in today's world the more electricity it will use to do its job. Pouring money into your old heat pump is not economical in the short or the long run in view of the requirements.

How do I know if I need heat pump replacement?

Certain telltale signs can tell you it’s time to consider replacing your heat pump. Age is the most common; if your heat pump is older than ten years, you should consider replacing it with a more efficient model. High-efficiency units can save homeowners up to 20 percent on their monthly heating and cooling costs, making the replacement worthwhile. Another common sign that you need a replacement is if there are rooms in your home that are frequently too hot or too cold. This could be a result of duct problems or improper insulation, but could also mean that your equipment is not operating properly. In any case, a professional repair technician can examine the heat pump and determine exactly what is wrong and whether a replacement is your best option. Your heat pump is an investment, and a new, high-efficiency model can do wonders for your comfort levels and monthly expenses. If your heat pump is putting out little heat, no heat, is not receiving power or is experiencing any other problems, give us a call today at 706-733-8703 to get on-time, expert heat pump repair service from the pros at Duggan's!

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