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What Are the Various Types of Heating Systems?

Heat Pumps

heat pumpsHeat pumps are a great way to save money, as they allow for heat to be brought into a home or business during the winter, and sent out during the summer. At Duggan's One Hour Heating and Air, our heating technicians specialize in heat pump inspection, repair, replacement and installation, and we can always offer you an affordable price. Essentially, heat pumps either draw air in from the air outside during colder months, and then they pump hot air outside during warmer months. Some heat pumps, on the other hand, will draw heat in from the ground during the winter, and will draw heat in from the outside air when it's warmer. Regardless of what type of heat pump you have or need, our experts can give you a variety of cost-efficient options to keep you warm.


We also service furnace heating systems. These systems typically operate using natural gas, but they may also be fueled by propane, coal or wood. These fuels are incinerated, causing gases to produce heat, and then a sophisticated set of furnace mechanisms sends the heat into interior spaces while sending the resulting gases and fumes outside. We recommend having a furnace routinely inspected and maintained in order to keep it in safe, working order, and our experts are trained to handle a variety of furnace problems and conditions. If we find that your furnace is having a problem, we can typically repair it in the first visit, or we can recommend an efficient and cost-effective furnace replacement if needed. Regardless of how your home is heated, Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air can help you make the most of your heating system. For more information on how we can help you, give us a call today at 706-733-8703.

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