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Residential Electric Repair in Augusta, GA

Residential Electric Repair Augusta, GAApproaching a residential electric repair job is unlike anything else; it isn’t like a commercial job or a public building task. Instead, this kind of job requires significant concern and care, as this is someone’s home. Moms, dads, kids, and possibly grandparents all rely on their homes running smoothly without a hitch. So that’s the approach we take at Duggan’s One Hour.


Since we take such a directly personal approach to what we do, we also take lots of precaution when it comes to wiring. This part of the residential electric system is crucial. We make sure the wiring is done right the first time, and is definitely not exposed. Exposed wiring can sometimes be attractive to children, and we don’t want them anywhere near the wires. Therefore, we take wiring extremely seriously when doing a residential electric repair.

Average Cost

The average cost of the job can vary. We often cannot put a concrete dollar amount on the job, because we won’t know the full extent of the repair until we are on site. However, we will say it can cost anywhere from under 100 dollars to over 500, depending on the work that needs to be done. These costs should not deter you from having your home’s electric repair done. The fact of the matter is, from replacing wiring to replacing the whole system, residential electric repair work needs to be completed as soon as possible. We offer financing here at Duggan’s One Hour, so if the cost of the emergency repair is a bit high for your budget, we can work out financing. Don’t risk your electrical system’s health or your family’s safety. Hire the Duggan’s One Hour team to keep your home in working order year-round! 706-733-8703

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